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Academic English Program (AEP) offers several courses to freshman and sophomore students both in fall and spring semesters. All AEP courses aim to help students to be more successful in their undergraduate studies and to develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to become confident lifelong learners.

Within the framework of AEP, all freshman students take an AEP course which is specific to their faculty. In addition to freshman courses, sophomore students in the Faculty of Management are also offered Academic Presentation Skills and Academic Writing Skills Courses. The courses and related information are listed as follows:

  English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Courses

Freshman AEP courses are designed to provide students with communicative language environment specific to their department. The courses introduces the key concepts in their field of education with authentic materials.  Grammar, vocabulary, and social language are integrated within topic-based units. Balancing practical and informational input, the content of the courses are designed to be appealing to the student learning English for specific purposes. In each lesson, new language is examined, explained, integrated, expanded on, and applied so that students receive multiple exposures to the language as well as numerous opportunities to practice in all skill areas.

 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses
Academic Presentation Skills and Academic Writing Skills courses are designed to support the success of students by building confidence and developing key academic presentation and writing skills. The courses build upon and expand students’ communicative, critical analysis, study and research skills. Through these courses, students prepare for success at the UTAA by developing strategies they can use in their university courses.

Academic Presentation Skills is designed to provide strategies to help students improve their formal oral presentation skills. In this course students practice oral communication skills toward a specified audience. They also study organization of ideas, the informative presentation process and audience analysis. By the end of this course students are expected to demonstrate the acquired skills and strategies through prepared messages using appropriate verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Academic Writing Skills aims to familiarize students with the discourse and cognitive aspects of writing academic essays, reports, projects and research articles. The course also focuses on reading skills to integrate critical reading with writing skills.