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The Foreign Languages Department of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is an educational organization which was certified by Pearson Assured.

Pearson Assured is an accreditation system which is based on an educational experience and reliability of more than a 100 years, in more than a 100 countries, and it assesses the education system and learning model on an international basis in accordance with the quality assurance standards.

The quality assurance and the accreditation services provided by Pearson under the “Pearson Assured” title are shaped around three basic quality standards. The standards in question focus on the assurance of organizational quality, the quality of the learning eco-system, and the assessment process.


The Pearson Assured Quality Objectives

  • Organizational Management
  • The Management of Learning/Training
  • The Management of Assessment


During the Pearson Assured certification process, the Foreign Languages Department of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association was inspected and certified by independent auditors who came from the U.K. Within this framework, the Foreign Languages Department was accredited in 2014 by a neutral and independent organization which is known all around the World, and it will continue to be inspected every year.

Students will be entitled to a certificate showing the program they have successfully completed was accredited by “Pearson Assured”, which demonstrates that the quality assurance of the program was ensured. The certificate in question will make sure that the qualifications the students have obtained get greater recognition academically and career-wise. Pearson works with more than 1000 organizations all around the World. It works together with many institutions and organizations, especially in the U.K., the U.S.A, Europe, and the Middle East. The students who have earned the right to obtain this certificate can use it in order to strengthen their portfolios for job applications, school acceptances and career-wise in the aforementioned regions.