Beyond the Curriculum

To ensure that learning is not confined to the classroom, EPP provides students opportunities to use the English learned in classes in a variety of real-life situations through a wide range of enriching co-curricular activities such as;

MLT is held once a week on Tuesdays to supplement the courses. It lasts 1 hour and starts after the classes finish. Grammar topics are covered with more exercises from different sources. Attendance is not mandatory. Students who need to do more practice with grammar topics and who have questions participate in this activity.


ILE is held once a week on Mondays after the classes finish and lasts 1 hour.
It is a fun language activity rather than a lecture or a course. In each ILE, a different type of activity (karaoke, taboo, watching TV series, etc.) is presented to students to make them practice English. Attendance is not mandatory; students who want to engage with others using English participate in these activities.


CC is held once a week on Thursdays after the classes finish and lasts 1 hour.
It aims to create an opportunity for students to improve speaking skills in a more comfortable and casual environment. The activities prepared for CC are designed so that the participants can practice conversations together by using daily language or the key language they learn in the courses. Attendance is not mandatory; students who want to improve speaking skills more or who enjoy speaking English participate in CC.


All those activities open to students from their very first day at UTAA, DFL are designed both to complement and to extend learning in the classroom.


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