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A school is only as good as its teachers, and that is especially true of DFL. The reason why we provide such a high quality education at DFL is because of our remarkable teachers. Feeling very fortunate to be working with a dedicated team of teachers, we, together with all the teachers, created a Professional Development Program (PDP) for teachers who want to learn and grow in the profession, and who want to ensure that their development results in increased learning among their students.


By benefiting from the skills of involved teacher-leaders, our PDP’s goal is to help teachers implement

  • Teacher-led
  • Collaborative
  • Job-embedded

professional learning that ultimately leads to teacher empowerment and better student learning. Under the guidance of teacher-leaders who play a vital role in supporting the development of their peers, during spring and fall semesters all teachers choose from a variety of professional development options which we believe will help us better address the complex and dynamic characteristics of teacher needs.

Some of the options we offer as part of our PDP are;



























All teachers choosing one of the PDP options above designed to help create opportunities to enhance professional autonomy, emphasize professional judgment, and provide spaces to validate teacher voices share their experiences during our two-day ELT Fusion event organized by and for teachers themselves.