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2.3 Implementation

Course: CharlieIMPLEMENTATION OF THE EXAMS The implementation of the tests bears great significance for EPP and it is taken very seriously as a matter of professionalism and standardization. Therefore, both invigilators and students must follow some rules. The rules are… Read more

2.2 Exam Parts

Course: CharlieExam Parts LISTENING Listening tests are composed of a variety of question types. Students are required to use the skills they have learned in their course books. Listening tests are written in compliance with the skills taught in the… Read more

2.1 Exam Types

Course: CharliePRELIMINARY TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) PTE measures newly-registered students’ ability to understand basic English at university level. PTE is conducted before the Proficiency Test of English and it determines the potential candidates for the Proficiency Test. PTE consists of… Read more