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2.3 Implementation

Course: Charlie


The implementation of the tests bears great significance for EPP and it is taken very seriously as a matter of professionalism and standardization. Therefore, both invigilators and students must follow some rules. The rules are given below.

1. Exam Rules

a) For Invigilators

Invigilators must follow some rules before, during and after the exam sessions in order to conduct the exams properly.

Before the Exam

1. Invigilator lists are sent to teachers one or two days before the exam. So, all invigilators know for which exam, where and when they are going to invigilate.

2. On the exam day, invigilators must receive their exam packs from the Program Coordinator and sign the exam submission form. All invigilators must be present to receive their packs at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.

3. After receiving the packs, invigilators must go to the classroom immediately and check the sound and projection systems. In case of a problem with the sound or projection systems, invigilators must inform stand-by teachers who are coordinating the exam. If there is no problem, they can proceed to the next stage.

4. Then, invigilators must have students sit according to the seating plan and make sure that the seats are arranged for the exam. (In normal classroom sessions, seats are arranged in U Shape, but for exams, seats need to be rearranged in three or four rows.)

5. Next, the first thing to do is to distribute the answer sheets and write the information about the exam on the board such as the duration of the exam and the sections in the answer sheet to fill.

6. When all students are seated, the invigilators must have them sign the attendance sheet, check their ID cards, and collect their mobile phones together with their IDs. It is vital to make sure that all students sign the attendance sheet.

7. After distributing the answer sheets, having students sit and sign attendance sheet, invigilators must wait for the standby teachers’ command in order to start the exam. That is, invigilators CANNOT start the exam on their own even though the class is ready to start. All tests are started at the same time in all the classes for standardization issues, so it is vital to keep students silent and wait for the standby’s command to start the exam.

During the Exam

8. When standby coordinators command to start the exam, invigilators must close their doors and start the exam immediately.


9. The first section of the exams is the Listening part. For this part, the only thing that invigilators need to do is to start the audio file. After this, they do not have to do anything because the audio will continue playing until the listening section finishes.

10. The other sections are Structure, Vocabulary and Reading sections respectively.

11. During the exam, it is compulsory that invigilators remind students of the remaining time on the board every ten minutes.

12. It is of great importance that invigilators not check their mobile phones for social media and text messaging during the exam. They are required to pay attention to the students in case there would be cheating issues.

13. If a problem occurs during the exam such as cheating, the invigilator must NOT argue with the student. A verbal warning is acceptable, but taking the student’s paper or having a quarrel during the exam is totally unacceptable. In case of such a problem, the invigilator must fill in the “Incident Report”by giving details about the issue. Another solution is calling the stand-by teachers if the student(s) keep disturbing the class.

After the Exam

14. Invigilators must make sure that they did everything properly during the exam. Therefore, it is vital for them to take a look at the Exam Checklist file and make sure that they have done everything listed on that file.

15. When the exam is over, invigilators must NOT allow students to leave the classroom before they make sure that exam papers and answer sheets are submitted and students have signed the submission sheet. Knowing that missing answer sheets or exam papers are the invigilators’ responsibility, all invigilators must follow these rules not to have any problems.

16. After collecting all the files, invigilators must directly take them back to the Program Coordinator and sign the exam submission form.

b) For Students

Before the Exam

1. All students must be present in the exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam.

2. They must hand in their mobile phones and ID cards to the invigilator.

3. After that, they must sign the attendance sheet and fill in the answer sheet.During the Exam

4. Students must follow the rules about the time limits of the sections in the exam. When the time is over for a section, they CANNOT continue answering the questions in that section. Neither can they fill in the sections of the finished parts in the answer sheet.

5. Students must NOT try to cheat during the exam. If anybody is caught while cheating, it is probable that s/he might get a zero (0) on the exam.

After the Exam

6. When the exam is over, all students must wait for the invigilator’s confirmation to leave the classroom. They can leave the classroom when the invigilator finishes counting the exam papers, answer sheets, attendance and submission sheet.

7. It is very important that students not forget to pick up their mobile phones and ID cards before leaving the exam room.