Türkan Kaplan




As a 2004 graduate of Ankara University, she has student teaching experience on the third grade level in a state school as part of her internship at the university. She has been teaching English for 9 years in several state and private universities. She formerly worked as the Head of Foreign Languages Department for a year in 2008 at Afyon Kocatepe University in Afyon, Turkey and at the same institution she worked at the material Development Department for two years from 2006-7. Türkan Kaplan received her BA in English Literature from Ankara University, Faculty of Humanities and Letters, Ankara and had her MA in Anglistik (English Literature) from Vienna University in 2012. Her research mainly focuses on Irish Literature and History. Her BA thesis was on The Short Stories of D.H. Lawrence and the Symbolism and MA thesis was on Traumatized Women in Eire as Reflected in Two Selected Novels: The Ladies’ Road and The Last September. She published one academic book shared with Olivia Frey titled Legal Researc