Tuğçe Temir




She graduated from Gazi University, ELT Department in 2011 and began her MA degree in Hacettepe University, ELT Department in 2012 and presented her thesis successfully in 2015. Her thesis is about the relationship between blogs and reading skills. She is eager to improve herself professionally and to do so, now, she has been studying for her PHD degree in Hacettepe University. She had worked in Ted College for 2,5 years, and she has been working in UTAA for 3 years. Her personal interests include reading articles and books about everything.

Gazi University-2011

Hacettepe University-2015

Hacettepe University-Ongoing

UTAA-since 2014

TED Colledge-2011-2013



Curriculum Development

Material Preparation

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Action Research

Teacher Research

Book Club