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Curriculum Overview

As UTAA, English Preparatory Program, our ethos is to educate students, who will be exposed to all language skills enabling them to be successful at their programs where the medium of instruction is English thereby contributing to their future academic studies. Moreover, through an integrated curriculum, we aim to develop their creativity, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. (The program also offers many opportunities to the instructors by providing them with a stimulating and happy environment and giving them chances to develop their language teaching.)

To achieve our goal, the curriculum has been designed in a learning oriented, interactional, developmental manner. Each year, we review the curriculum based on the feedback we receive from our students and teachers whose ideas and suggestions provide a great impetus for the further development in our curriculum.

The curriculum in English Preparatory Program (EPP) is a 9-month non-modular program which offers courses to students at three levels; Alpha (Beginner-A1), Bravo (Elementary-A2) and Charlie (Pre-intermediate-B1). All students, upon registration to UTAA, are required to take the English Proficiency Exam (EPE) and based on their performance on EPE, they either start their degree programs or are placed in one of the three levels in the EPP.