Preliminary Test of English is held every September for the newly-registered students and it consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. The exam contains three parts listed in order as follows;

Structure and Vocabulary



In this test, the students are tested for their knowledge in basic structure and vocabulary and their skills in listening and reading comprehension.

The test lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

The test is held for the newly-registered students at our university.

The test is held once a year every September. Up-to-date information related to the date and exact time of the test can be reached from our academic calendar and from our website.

The test is held at UTAA Türkkuşu Campus. You can reach the updated information about the location of the test from our website.

The students who get 70 or above qualify to take Stage II (Writing Exam, Speaking Exam and Multiple-Choice Test) of the Proficiency Exam.

Students who do not take the test or students who get 45 or below are placed in Alpha (Beginner) level of our English Prep Program and they attend classes in the same level throughout an academic year. If the Department of Foreign Languages considers appropriate, the level of the students who have not taken the test might be changed within the first month starting from the day the program starts.

Students who get 46-69 are placed in Bravo (Pre-Intermediate) level of our English Prep Program and they attend classes in the same level throughout an academic year.

The information regarding your score can be reached from our website.

Test scores are not announced via email, fax or telephone calls.

Check the information about the test date, place and the test room on our website before you take the test.
Make sure you have a valid identification card (National ID card or driver’s license), a pencil, a pen and an eraser with you on the test day.
Arrive at the test venue at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the test. Once the test starts, no students will be allowed in.
Students must comply with the proctor’s instructions at all times. The test of the students who do not follow the proctor’s instructions and/or who attempt to cheat and/or impersonate the rightful test-takers will be considered invalid and these students will be subject to disciplinary action.

You can access the sample answer sheet for the Preliminary Test of English by clicking on the link below.

Sample Answer Sheet