The Role of the Student Representatives 

The main responsibility of the student representatives is to gather their peers’ views on various aspects regarding the English Preparatory School curriculum, procedures and physical conditions of the school. Then, they are supposed to communicate these views to the academic staff in order to report the good practices at the school and improve the issues about which the students have complaints. Each class is assigned a student representative from that class so that every class could readily give and receive feedbacks about the aspects mentioned above.

Student Representative Meetings

Student representative meetings are conducted in order to receive feedbacks on the aspects that work properly as well as the the concerns that might hinder the students’ experiences. In these meetings, both positive and negative aspects are discussed and rational actions are taken accordingly. It is highly suggested to the student representatives that they are free to raise the issues they are concerned with in any context they occur. Although not everything that the students representatives ask can be applied or changed, the ones that might provide positive effects to the students’ experiences are given thorough inspection and attempted to put into practice as soon as possible.

After each of these meetings, the student representatives are supposed to share the information they acquired during the meetings with their peers. Meeting minutes of each meeting will also be available online for all students and staff so that every individual in our institution could be informed.

All in all, the overall objective of these meetings is to improve our students’ learning experiences in our institution and also provide new opportunities for both our current and future students.