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2.5 Announcement and Appeals

Course: Bravo

Announcement and Appeals

Announcement of Grades and Feedback

After the exams are graded, all exam papers are given to the instructors in the following week together
with the exam results on a Microsoft Excel file sent via e-mail (on Monday if the teacher teaches on
that day or the following teaching day) so that they could give feedback to their students. Instructors
CANNOT demand to take answer sheets and other forms such as attendance and submission sheets to
their classes. They can only take student test booklets and answer keys with them. When instructors
take the above-mentioned files to the classroom, they must pay attention to the following issues.
As for the writing exams, the teacher has to check all writing exams of his/her classroom in case there
is a problem with the grading such as addition errors, etc. After making sure that there is not any
problem with the students’ exams, the teacher must take the writing exams to his/her classroom and
give feedback to the students in one class hour. When the feedback session is finished, the teacher,
like for the other exams, must count all the exam papers to make sure that no exam paper is missing,
and take the exam pack back to the testing office.

  • They must NOT allow students to take photos of the exam paper in any condition.
  • They must NOT lend any of the files to the students. So, all files taken from the testing office
    must be returned without any missing files. If an exam paper is lost during the feedback
    process, the teacher will be responsible for that incident.

Should a student feel that there is something wrong with his/her exam results, s/he must inform the
instructor about it and fill in an appeal form on the following URL to have his/her exam re-checked:
[Homepage>English Preparatory Program>Forms>Exam Review Form (For Students)].
Students can easily fill in an appeal form on the website mentioned above. They must provide specific
details about the exam.

Then, the appeal for the particular exam or section of the exam is checked by the testing office. If the
testing office finds a problem with the mentioned exam, they make the necessary changes and inform
the student and the teacher about the final result via e-mail.

* As all exams are graded by the optical mark reader, the possibility of such problems is very low. Most of the time, these problems occur because students tend to change their answers on their exam paper but not on their answer sheet.